Concealed Handgun License
Wichita Falls, Texas
Marvin Walls
Certified CHL Instructor

All instruction at Red River CHL is led by Certified CHL Instructor, Marvin Walls. Marvin is a survivor of a self-defense encounter involving a weapon. This is the driving force behind his passion to teach others what really happens before, during and after a self-defense situation. Marvin is retired from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice thus allowing him to focus on his passion of teaching others. New gun owners are most welcome at Red River CHL! Our goal is to provide you with a solid education.

We now offer weekday classes to save your weekends for family activities! If you need a special date please feel free to ask, we will do our best to meet your needs!

Texas CHL Class - $85.00

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Red River CHL ... we guarantee you will recieve a quality education, not just a license. It is our policy that our maximum class size will be no more than 12-15 students so as to provide our students the attention they deserve. We encourage new gun owners to attend our classes as we will take the extra time with you.

Please be aware of discounted prices regarding instruction, as a responsible gun owner, your objective is to obtain as high quality educational experience as possible. At Red River CHL we believe education is a never ending process. We obtain our training from some of the nations best and pass it on to our students. Our confidence is tempered by our humility!

Some of the topics we teach include;
* Non violent dispute resolution-The best use of force is NO use of force!
* Defensive marksmanship- we do not teach target shooting.
* Situational awareness- Learn to see trouble before it happens.
* Use of force- Learn from real world experiences.

Our quality speaks for itself.